Ownership, Access, & Peace of Mind Combined

Investment Sharing

Secure Shares, Effortless Travel

Elevate Your Investment Experience

Arcus Air's Investment Sharing program offers unparalleled access to a luxury fleet and investment security, setting it apart from other private aviation investment opportunities.

It's the ideal solution for individuals or businesses that anticipate flying many hours per year and prefer to own a share of the asset. With Investment Sharing, you can enjoy effortless travel experiences and complete peace of mind, thanks to our commitment to safety and service excellence.


Discover the Arcus Air Difference

As you explore your private travel investment options, consider how Investment Sharing compares with Aircraft ownership. Arcus Air offers an attractive alternative with Investment Sharing, delivering unmatched service and flexibility.

Advantages of Arcus Air's Investment Sharing:

  • Minimal Capital Investment: Enjoy the benefits of private jet ownership without the full capital outlay.
  • On-Demand Access: Fly on your terms with the convenience of on-demand availability.
  • Operational Excellence: Our team ensures a hassle-free experience, from booking to landing.
  • Direct Financing Available: Explore financing options tailored to your needs.
  • Investment Security: Gain peace of mind with a secure investment in private aviation.

Arcus Air has the perfect solution to meet your unique travel needs. Unlock a world of possibilities with our Investment Sharing program and experience a new level of luxury and convenience.