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You decide when to take off and where to fly to -
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Whether for leisure, vacation or business trips: Arcus Air is your specialised private jet operator for on-demand trips all over Europe.

The Arcus Air fleet consists of seven Embraer Phenom 100 Very Light Jets. Besides low operation costs our ultralight air taxi service has another advantage compared to larger private jets and commercial airlines: Our airtaxis are able to take off and land even on short airstrips, so we can connect you with around 1000 small and big airports all over Europe.

empty leg flights

We offer you first-class service

You set the time schedule and locations. We provide tailor-made itineraries with maximum flexibility, according to your travel plans.

No queues at security-check and boarding

Minimize stress and time-consuming procedures before take-off. Just arrive at the airport 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time.

You tell us what you need, we plan and fly

Let us know your schedule and flight route. Our team will do the rest for you, bringing you safely and quickly from A to B.

Enjoy premium benefits of a charter flight with the private aviation company #1 for entry-level jets in Europe

Easy and quick

Just give us a call or send us an email with your prefered travel schedule and airports. Our team will process your request and contact you in short time. Our initial offer involves no further commitment from you.

Extra services on demand

Some clients just need to fly from A to B. Others charter a private jet for maximum comfort, safety or a unique travel experience. We are creating bespoke products for everyone, depending on their needs, budget and extra services they wish.

Real-time Updates

You will always be in the know of the current status of your charter flight. We send you constant updates about where your plane is, if the start is delayed (which is very rare with us), your estimated departure and arrival time, as well as detailed information about how to find the private jet terminal at the airport and check-in or boarding procedures.

First-class comfort for business-class fares

Our Embraer Phenom 100 fleet offers more spacious cabins compared to other aircrafts in the Very Light Jet category, such as the Cessna Citation Mustang.

Your suitcase and sports equipement like skis or golf carts can be stored in the external luggage compartment. The inviting interior is equipped with reclining leather seats and a minibar.

The aircraft has even a small lavoratory on board. which is unique for a plane in the entry-level jet category.

Hassle-Free to Get your Mind off things

Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with waiting for long hours inside congested airports and interminable crowds. We offer private access to the terminal so that you do not have to worry about check-in times or inefficient luggage services.

Get your mind off-air carrier responsibilities, and let us deal with those operations for you. Accommodate sensitive or fragile cargo and forget about extra fees for oversized freight. We guarantee an effortless travel experience with all your needs taken care of.

Time is Money – Save it

A private jet hire with us guarantees efficiency at handling time. First, you avoid long lines and checking bags. You go straight to our aeroplane. When you schedule a private jet with Arcus Air, you can even arrive 15 minutes earlier.

When you arrive at your destination, it will take 10 minutes or less before you are off the airport grounds. With access to more airports, you are also very likely to find a closer one.

We are talking about time savings of around one hour per flight.
How is that for your business?

Access to Exclusive Destinations

You can fly to almost anywhere you can think of that has a private or small airport. The beauty of a private charter flight is that you can access much more destinations than commercial ones.

Big aeroplanes can only land at big airports. Most of the time, you will have to take other means to travel to where you need to be. Your private plane can land in remote areas, getting you much closer to your destination. Talk about the amount of business open for you and the time you are saving.

Flexible Schedules to Meet your Needs

One of the top reasons why more people are private jet booking with us is our flexible schedule. Not only do we get you anywhere you want with maximum luxurious comfort, we take off at the time you want.

Did your meeting get pushed hours or even days? Not a problem at all.

You can tell us on short notice, and we will accommodate your changes—no need to have to wait for a new flight. You are the one calling the shots at the time of departure.

Limousine Transfer Service

Since we want you to enjoy a unique world-class experience, we offer any kind of transfer in a luxury limousine. You can book exclusive transfers and travel to your destination with a private driver and with the most luscious VIP treatment.

Jet Disinfection

Your safety is our highest priority. We operate under the most strict sanitary regulations. We deep clean our aircraft before and after every flight, ensuring a wholly sanitised environment.

Experienced Crew

Our crew in every plane are professionally trained, and we take pride in that. We hand-select your team, so you know you are getting top service.

Pet Service

We know that your pets are part of the family and certainly do not deserve to travel locked in a cage stressed by the loud commercial aeroplane’s engine noise. Bring your little friend into the cabin with you and let him enjoy the first-class service too.

Enjoy the exclusive benefits of a private jet charter