Save Money with  Empty Leg Flights

Chartering an empty leg flight is an opportunity to save up to 60-80 % on your private jet flight price compared to a regular private jet charter service.

Empty legs are flights that are due to operate without any passengers as the aircraft repositions back to its base, or is going elsewhere to be ready for its next flight.

If you are flexible enough with your private flight dates and time, and you are seeking for a one way flight, chances are you will find an empty leg flight matching your needs on our website.

All the empty leg offers listed on our website have a start and an end date and time, this is the timeframe during which the empty leg flight is valid and available for charter. After its end date, the private jet will anyway have to takeoff to its next destination, to perform its next chartered flight.

Contact and Information

For booking requests and additional information your Executive Aviation time is 24/7 available for you: Phone: +41 55 222 70 70, Email:

Available Empty Leg Flights

AVN Avignon Aiport 15 June 2020, 14:30 (local time) LBG Paris Le Bourget Airport 19 June 2020, 18:00 (local time)

NCE Nice Aiport 14 June 2020, 18:00 (local time) LTN London Luton Airport 15 June 2020, 07:30 (local time)

EDI Edinburgh Airport 14 June 2020, 11:30 (local time) ZQW Zweibrücken Airport 19 June 2020, 11:00 (local time)