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If your schedule is flexible, you can book an empty leg flight on our private jets for a fraction of the regular price. But what is actually an empty leg flight? How much does it cost? And how can you find an empty leg according to your travel plans?

What is an
empty leg flight?

All private flights have two legs; the flight that gets customers to their selected destination and the return flight to home base or the next customer flight. The latter is called an empty leg, and it is a flight that operates free of passengers.

An empty leg is a repositioning flight on a fixed date and itinerary, usually to pick up passengers who have booked a private jet.

Savvy and flexible travellers can take advantage of empty legs, as they are offered a significant discount compared to regular fares. It’s a typical win-win situation, for you to have the opportunity to save money while flying private, for us maximising our capacity, and for the environment as well.

Suppose you are flexible with times and itineraries. In that case, an empty leg charter is a more unexpensive option for a glamorous once-in-a-lifetime private jet experience or even as an alternative to other means of transport, like regular flights with commercial airlines.

How much does it cost to book an empty leg flight?

The cost of an empty leg flight in Europe depends on various factors, such as distance, airport landing fees, number of passengers and additional baggage they travel with.

You can save up to 75% at a rough estimate compared to regular rates for private jet charters. An empty leg between London Biggin Hill and Paris Le Bourget will cost you around €2,000 on average, for example, whether you travel alone or as a group of four passengers.

Empty legs flight

Empty leg flights have a much lower price than a regular private jet booking. It is within our interest to avoid having to fly an empty aircraft. This is why we offer the best fees you can ever find.

How do you book an empty leg flight?

The challenge is finding an empty leg flight that matches your travel plans or being flexible and open-minded, adapting yourself to the offer.

As the empty leg market is exceptionally dynamic

We can provide only estimated prices and often, we have more last-minute empty leg options than published on this website.

For accurate information, you can reach out via email, phone or contact form. We will check availabilities and send you a non-binding quotation with an exact price.

What is a rerouted
empty leg?

You cannot find an empty leg flight that matches your itinerary? Our team might have a Plan B for you. We search our flight-plan to check if there are other nearby options, according to your itinerary. More than often, it’s worth organising to reroute an empty leg, making an additional stop

to pick you up or drop you off at your chosen destination. Since the flight will incur extra expenses, a rerouted empty leg will have an additional cost. However, a rerouted empty leg is still much cheaper than the regular fare for a private jet charter.

Yes, you can fly private at a much lower price

How is the experience different from private jet booking?

You get the luxury and comfort of a private dedicated flight. Our crew will look after your comfort and peace of mind. You can still arrive minutes before your flight, but you have to adhere to a schedule as these flights cannot be delayed.

The flight does not usually include a menu with catering or includes limited catering. We will usually have a light snack and soft beverages. However, you can perfectly arrange for the full catering experience, and we will make it happen.

Most private airliners will have no problem cancelling your flight at any time. We will make sure that you do not have to postpone your plans and go through the downfall of a cancelled flight.

Benefits of empty leg flights with Arcus Air

We have discussed all the benefits of an empty leg as a much cheaper option to a private jet booking in Europe. Let’s space them out here and mention a couple more:

This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a private flight in Europe at a much lower price. Check for availability, and welcome to a flight experience with comfort and luxury from Arcus Air.