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Air Cargo Charter solutions despite of COVID-19

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly throughout Europe and the situation is changing more or less every hour. All  Arcus Air Group employees are doing their very best to keep the supply chains moving despite the COVID 19 situation. About half of the air freight is transported in passenger planes. Iata is now warning of bottlenecks. […]

Arcus Air Group establishes another onboard courier team

Airline and emergency logistics provider Arcus Air Group established another five-member team for the onboard courier sector at its headquarters in Troisdorf in March. The company, which has been established in the market for over 45 years, continues to have a strong cargo division in emergency logistics and is active in the onboard courier and […]

Onboard Courier to Basra

From automotive parts, aog-parts, medical products and high value goods to important documents or a small USB stick, our OBC team has already delivered everything imaginable to just about anywhere in the world. Fast, secure and reliable. Here are pictures of a showcase of urgent embassy documents delivered from The Hague to Basra (Iraq). Contact […]

Arcus Air Group offers logistics solutions for C-Check Maintenance

C-Check maintenance? It is very important to have a trusted logistics partner to keep on top of the urgent shipment of your aircraft parts! Trust on Arcus Air Group. We keep planes flying. Our highly trained aerospace specialists can quickly construct and deliver a freight model that matches the needs of your business. Give us […]